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Chris Miller takes a stand against the Wizards losing on purpose

The Wizards’ play-by-play announcer takes issue with people who are pro-tanking.

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards
Chris Miller (L) had strong words to those advocating tanking.
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Wizards play-by-play announcer Chris Miller would normally be happy after a Washington win. But after last Friday’s win against the San Antonio Spurs, he had some words for fans, in particular those who are pro-tanking.

As someone who is in favor of a full-scale rebuild, you may be wondering if Miller is calling folks like me out. Maybe he is. And if so, it doesn’t bother me.

The thing is that I also know the Wizards are set on continuing with the Bradley Beal, Kristaps Porzingis and Kyle Kuzma trio until otherwise. So I have also expected the Wizards to keep trying to win games. I’d be impressed to see a Cinderella playoff run, even by this season’s team.

As for Miller’s message to fans last Friday, I agree with it generally speaking. No Wizards player or coach goes out there to lose on purpose.

That said, if the Wizards miss out on the playoffs or the play-in, the front office will have to take a deep look at itself and whether keeping their trio together was worth it. The top projected picks in this year’s draft could be consequential for the Wizards as they could move toward a new era of successful basketball.

Right now, I find it difficult to see the Wizards doing much better than they are now. So I feel that the fans who are openly rooting for losses are doing it out of frustration, not at the players and coaches on the court.

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