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The Wizards’ losing magic number is 8

They are eight losses away from being guaranteed a lottery spot.

Denver Nuggets v Washington Wizards
Yeah, things aren’t looking too good.
Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are 32-41, 12th in the Eastern Conference. They could realistically make the play-in tournament IF they win out. But realistically, that’s not happening because Washington has been losing more games than not.

Currently, according to, the Wizards do not control their destiny. They also are two losses away from being mathematically eliminated from having the sixth seed in the East, which requires winning out plus losses by other teams.

If you are wondering how many losses (or wins by higher seeded teams) it will take before they are mathematically eliminated from the 10th seed, the “losing magic number” is eight. So if the Wizards lose some combination of games AND if teams ahead of them win games, once that total is eight, it’s game over.

I don’t see the Wizards being eliminated from the postseason this weekend. But it could very well happen around the end of March into early April.

Are you simply counting down the games until the Wizards are LIKELY eliminated from the postseason? Let us know in the comments below.