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SB Nation Reacts: Would you want Brandon Miller on the Wizards if he is available?

That and fan confidence are on the books!

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Birmingham
Would you like Brandon Miller on the Wizards?
Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NBA. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Washington Wizards fans and fans across the country.
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The Washington Wizards’ season is slipping away and that once-almost-inevitable play-in berth is starting to get in the rearview mirror. I wouldn’t be mad if the Wizards took steps to rebuild before the season. It’s what I wanted all along. But instead, we see the team make a run for a play-in berth that they may not happen at all.

So much for Wemby.....

On the note of the NBA Draft, there is another top prospect on the court in the NCAA Tournament. Alabama forward Brandon Miller is the best player for the Crimson Tide and possibly the country. He provided a gun that was allegedly used in a murder. But he is not charged, let alone sanctioned by the team. I’ll let you hold your opinions of that to yourselves, but the bottom line is that Miller is not charged with any crime, even if he is far from a saint.

Assuming Miller goes pro this summer, should the Wizards draft him if he were available? Vote in our survey below, along with our weekly question on fan confidence!

We will share the results this weekend.