8 39 57 Deni for 14 16 28 Rudy

DC needs to trade Deni by the next deadline so might as well trade him to get picks for the 2023 draft. If DC ends up with the 8th pick they should trade down. Victor, Scoot and Miller will be gone.

The Thompson twins can't shoot and might not be available at 8 so like last season DC should trade down. I wanted to draft Ausar Thompson and stick him at small forward for the next decade, but not sure if he can shoot the NBA 3 any better than Deni so moving on to get more picks.

With this trade it would be extremely hard for DC to walk away with nothing from this draft. I always think the draft is over-hyped. Usually people say stuff like this is a deep draft and it really isn't. In 2023 there actually are at least 20 players who could be in a 9-10 man rotation and help DC today.

Draft three of these seven and the team is straight.

14-Cason Wallace (Jrue Holliday, Tyrese Maxey, Immanuel Quickly) or Jalen Hood-Schifino (Deron Williams, Jason Kidd)

16-France A) Bilal Coulibaly B) Sidy Cissoko C) Rayan Rupert...Bilal Coulibaly will be an all star. You read it here 1st.

28-Clifford Omoruyi or Tyler Burton if Clifford goes back to Rutgers

Free agency is simple resign KP. In 2023 free agency work needs to be done through this draft.

Morris / Wallace / Goodwin

Beal / Wright / Jackson / Davis

Bilal / Kispert

KP / Cooks / Rudy / Gill / Todd

Gaf / Omoruyi / Huff

DC having Bilal, Cason and Clifford playing with KP, Beal, Gaf and Cooks would be much more exciting to watch and more importantly give the team a chance to win the next several seasons.

Utah is the best team to trade with by having three 1st round picks. DC should have done the three 1st round pick trade with OKC last year instead of drafting Davis.

The Jazz do this trade for several reasons.

1. They can move into the top 10 and take someone who they think will be a great player.

2. They get a known player in Deni to back up Markanen and see if he becomes a good player they want to resign.

3. They get rid of Rudy Gay's 6 million dollar contract.

DC does this trade for several reasons.

1. DC will have three 1st round picks instead of one.

2. DC won't be able to give a bad extension to Deni.

3. Rudy plays defense and can't shoot like Deni, but is a vet coming home.

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