Beal killing the Offense. Quick swing passes needed

Beal is a great one on one player. Unfortunately for him the NBA is a 5 on 5 game. DC will never win a chip with Beal. He holds the ball every time he gets it. I'll teach beal how to do a crisp swing pass.

In the playoffs a non top 10 player can't hold the ball. Beal is not a top 10 player in the NBA. He must learn how to swing the ball unless there is no defender on him. Beal getting stats but the team losing is worthless to me.

When someone like Beal holds the ball then that makes others like Kuz hold the ball. Next thing is DC gets 20 turnovers a game because the offense is garbage. Beal and Kuz can't drible or pass good enough for them to hold the ball.

DC needs to play as a team. Instead they play offense and defense 1 on 5. Trade the whole team besides Wright, Goodwin, KP and Gafford.

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