Post ASB has been a fail 3-7

Things haven't felt this bad since Dec 18 after they went 0-10 or 1-13 run that ended in a record of 12-21

That was the dagger on this season.

But then they went 6-1 run that turned into a 13-6 run which got them back into the mix. That started when they started Gaf and then two games later when they started Beal, Kuz, KP, Gaff and Wright had returned 12-23-22. But they had Rui back then. By 12-27-23 They have all of that plus Deni.

1-21-23 was Rui's last game but even with losing Rui they still managed to win 4 more games in a row and they went 8-4 until the ASB ended with a record of 28-30

Since the ASB, they just didn't get it done, going 3-7. And its not just going 3-7, it who they lost to
NYK, CHI, 1-2 vs ATL, 1-1 vs TOR, lost to MIL and Sixers. Beat DET.

Losing to MIL and the Sixers isn't a big deal, though that lost to the Sixers where all of Beal, Kuz, KP and Wright and Deni score poorly is troubling. But its just two Ls to good teams in the end.

If they simply won against CHI and gone 2-1 vs ATL they be 5-5 at 33-35 in 9th
But they really needed to actually step up a little more and beat NY as well. Then they would be 34-34 at .500 in 8th at .500 and still in reach of 7th.

Not great but not horrible. Actually given where other teams were projected to be in the conference, 7th this year would have been a solid B or B+ for the season considering WAS had never played Beal, Kuz, KP together and this was a year to figure out if that would work and who to keep regarding Kuz or Rui.

Instead, the loses to NY, CHI, and one to many loses to ATL have them at another low at 31-37

3 games. That's all it takes to flip things around from tied for 11th to 8th and fighting for 7th

I can see 5-9 from here. That's a 36-46 season.

What was the Vegas Season Projection again ?

Looking like WAS will be a lottery team again this year.

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