It's Ted's fault

Ted allowed Ernie to give Ian Mahinmi 64 million. Ted allowed not one, but TWO supermax contracts. Ted allowed Tommy to put this team together. Ted will probably allow Tommy to put THIS team into salary cap hell when free agency starts. Ted has allowed Wes to be our coach after several horrible losses including a blown 35 point lead and a 42 point blowout. Both of those games were in our building; that means he probably saw those games in person and still made no changes smh. If the Capitals went through this crap he would've shaken things up long ago. The team is where it is for the foreseeable future until he sells the team. Before you crap on Brad, Tommy, Wes, KP, Kuzma or anyone else, make sure you call out Ted. Whether we want contention or a rebuild, it won't matter for as long as Ted and Tommy are running things. Let's pray for new management.

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