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SB Nation Reacts: Wizards fans are lukewarm over Xavier Cook’s signing

Fans remain split on fan confidence

NBL Semi Final Series: Game 2 - Cairns v Sydney Photo by Emily Barker/Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey. Here are the results to our Washington Wizards team survey.

Fan confidence is trending down though it is still split

SB Nation

Fans are starting to become a lot less confident since just a combined 27 percent gave the team a 4 or 5 for team direction. A combined 50 percent gave a 1 or 2 to express their dissatisfaction. And 32 percent gave 3s, indicating that they were neutral or content. Why are fans content or confident?

  • “They can surprise at any moment but when they don’t they’re disappointing most of the time.”
  • “ Seeing this team play against the Milwaukee Bucs gave a good picture of roster construction and the ideas behind it. The problem is we aren’t as talented, but we are hopefully talented enough to make it work as a consistent playoff threat/first round exit.”

And why are fans not confident?

  • “ Not confident because the team has a soft under-belly and too many key injuries. I am not convinced that Wes Unseld Jr. is the right coach for this team.”
  • “The ceiling is first-round exit, the floor is right outside the play-in with a mid first round pick with a draft of talented players in the top 5.”
  • “Even with our ‘Big 3’ we’re barely able to win vs.the hapless Pistons. Our free agents will walk at the end of the season. I wish we’d have brought back Wall and Westbrook just for the entertainment value. Are we sure Daniel Snyder doesn’t own the team?”

Fans grade Xavier Cook’s arrival a “C”

SB Nation

The grades for the NBL star’s signing had a median grade of C and 43 percent of votes gave that grade. However, 31 percent also gave a grade of B so this was a positive-leaning mark here.

We will have our national results tomorrow!