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Wizards vs. Cavaliers analysis: Washington turns another game into extended garbage time

Let’s rant a little more about last night’s game.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards, a bit short-handed, faced the relatively healthy Cavaliers. As one might expect, the results were not surprising.

If you want the extended title for this article, it is:

The Wizards turn another game into extended garbage-time sporting a #SoWizards lackluster effort with the trade deadline around the corner.

It sort of tells you all you need to know, and for the experienced readers they can at this point write this piece themselves.

First, let’s go over the starting lineups:

The Wizards managed to hold the Cavaliers to 66 points in the first half, and keep themselves competitive by staying within 20 points: 46-66. In fact, in the last couple games the Wizards have led by as much and lost twice, so perhaps the reverse psychology will work this time?

Nah. The Wiz continued with the “clear path to the basket” defense in the third, and the deficit increased steadily, for example to 28 points, 62-90 already 8 minutes into the third.

Guys went for their stats at this point, and it is probably accurate to describe the game in the second half (or for that matter from about midway through the second, when the Cavaliers first reached their 20 point lead at 35-55) as extended garbage time.

Sure, WUJ took a couple of time-outs to “develop the young players” and keep the deficit below the NBA humiliation threshold of around 30. And at some point the Cavs rested their starters. And the play-by-play page from featured such gems as this one

Mamadi Diakite blocks Taj Gibson ‘s 7-foot two point shot

So I think it is safe to drop the pen on covering this one at this point.

I know that Kevin usually comes up with smart things to say about what went good, bad, or ugly. I am not as talented as him. And heck, these sort of pathetic performances from the team we cheer for are already a thing of the norm and are a pain to paraphrase or paint in anything but how Spencer Dinwiddie put it:

They’re not playing for nothing for real… it’s a showcase. They’re over there trying to get paid, not trying to play winning basketball.

OK, Spencer did get shipped out of Dallas days after saying these things, but, hey, he’s been in the Wizards locker-room, so maybe he knows what he’s saying.

At any rate, if you don’t believe him, then listen to what Kuz had to say recently:

So I’ll skip the stats and just summarize it by saying: the Wizards lost to the Cavaliers 114-91.

Added just before publication: with 48.1 seconds left on the clock, the Cavaliers took a shot-clock violation as customary. The Wizards who got the ball with 24.1 left, however, didn’t follow the unwritten code, and, embarrassingly, allowed Johnny Davis to take a 15 foot pull-up jumper with 6.1 left. Unreal. Johnny scored 2 points in this game.