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SB Nation Reacts: NBA fans nationally think the Wizards will be sellers at the trade deadline

Really? Are they reading Bullets Forever?

New Orleans Pelicans v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Here is the second part of our SB Nation Reacts results. These are the results of our national survey.

Fans nationally believe the Wizards will be sellers at the trade deadline of Feb. 9

When I saw the results of the national survey get in my inbox on Friday afternoon, all I could do was:

...yeah seriously.

Sixty-seven percent of NBA fans think the Wizards will be sellers at the deadline.

SB Nation

Yet many, if not most of you who are Wizards fans... are pretty sure that the Wizards are looking to be BUYERS! Maybe they aren’t trying to become championship contenders this season. But they are trying to BUY a playoff berth, right?

The Lakers are expected to be the most active team at the trade deadline, but the Mavericks are most in need of a “splash.”

SB Nation

I’m not surprised by this result where 25 percent of respondents believed the Lakers would be the most active team at the trade deadline. The Lakers were the team that traded for Rui Hachimura. That said there were multiple selections available. The Raptors were in second place at 22 percent.

While the Lakers are expected to be active, that doesn’t mean that they are most in need. In another question, fans nationwide believed the Dallas Mavericks were in the biggest need (34 percent) of a splashy trade deadline move out of six teams.

SB Nation

Fans still think Jae Crowder’s leaving the Phoenix Suns sooner rather than later

SB Nation

Seventy-eight percent believe that Crowder will be dealt before the trade deadline. Remember that the Wizards were rumored to be in a deal for him in exchange for Hachimura.

NBA fans think the Bulls and Raptors will be sellers at the deadline

SB Nation

Nearly two-thirds of fans believe the Bulls will start rebuilding for the future. And 74 percent of fans believe the Raptors will do the same.

SB Nation

My hunch is that they are more likely to do that than the Wizards.

That’s all I have. Stay tuned for this week’s Wizards survey!