Ok . . . only one legit win on that road trip. Everyone else was either hurt or chasing a high draft pick. We come home, blow a twenty-point lead. Go to Brooklyn, who is without KD, Kyrie, and Ben Simmons. The nets were down to eight players at one point, and we give up another 20 point lead. I'm done with this crew. Disgusted.

If you're not going to let Kuz play his game then trade him. There were times he could have and should have taken over in the Trailblazers game, especially in the 3rd quarter. If you don't want him to be that dude when no one else got it going, then trade him or figure it out. I'm a kuz guy. I love Kuz. But there are clearly chemistry issues here.

We got 3&D guys, we got Goodwin, we got Deni, we got Delon Wright, we got shot blocking in KP and Gaff. And yet we couldn't get stops!? We couldn't stop Cam Thomas, a dude averaging 7.4 ppg from getting 44!? Really!?

I'm done arguing for this team man. We got three top fifty players (by Eff stat not PER), we got 3&D guys, we got shot blocking, and we can't stop anyone. People have been arguing for blowing up this team, I have always argued for tweaks. But after tonight man, I don't know. They got to show me something. Do we have too many guards? Yes. But can Nunn ball, yep. Do I trust Tommy, yes I do. Can he figure it out? Absolutely. But that team, as constructed, was good enough to get both of those wins.

The refs were bad man, I get it. But we were so bad, even with the bad refs, the refs did not cost us the game. Disgusting.

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