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A shoutout to two SB Nation team sites in the DMV

Japers’ Rink and Black And Red United will no longer be monetized by Vox Media after this Tuesday, Feb. 28. But we know they have great communities and will still thrive for a long time to come.

Utah Jazz v Washington Wizards
It won’t be the same without seeing two fellow SB Nation sites under the SBN banner after this weekend.
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Consider this a public journal entry. And I’m sorry in advance if I am rambling.

As the Washington Wizards begin their playoff push this season, it’s easy to get caught up in team news or work. So I wanted to give a public shoutout to two of our fellow sites on the SB Nation network covering D.C. sports: Japers’ Rink and Black And Red United.

As you may be aware, Vox Media will defund a significant number of team sites, including Japers’ Rink and Black And Red United after this Tuesday. Feb. 28. Do I think it was the right move? Hell no! That’s because both sites, like ours, have become major online destinations for fans of the Washington Capitals (Japers’ Rink), DC United, the Washington Spirit and Loudoun United (the remaining teams all covered by B&R United). All of our sites’ online communities have grown locally and nationally. And I am sure that many close friendships were made through theses communities by the way. I can certainly that Bullets Forever did for me since I started reading this site during the height of the Gilbert Arenas Era.

I have been asked privately about what the future holds for BF, and whether we are going to remain an SBN site for much longer. As I mentioned last January, there is no plan by Vox Media to demonetize this site. But I am also not going to be a “sitting duck” waiting for that final shoe to drop.

If you are an active reader and commenter on the other sites, here is what is going to happen. Black And Red United’s staff is rebranding as The District Press. The team launched its site last Friday. I am very pleased to see that they were able to execute this plan in short notice.

Japers’ Rink isn’t going dark on Wednesday, but I have not seen what the plan is for their community. That said, I am sure they will make sure that their Capitals’ online community will remain as vibrant as ever.

To the writers at both Japers’ Rink and The District Press, I want to take this time to salute you! Godspeed, and I will still regularly read your sites as you move into your next chapters!