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For Wizards fans, this All-Star Weekend was forgettable

This shows just how irrelevant the Wizards are to the national folks.

Washington Wizards v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards have 24 games left in the regular season where they have a shot to make it to the NBA play-in round, if not the playoffs altogether. They will come into this game well-rested after spending over a week off due to the All-Star Break.

By all accounts, this All-Star Weekend had its moments. Jayson Tatum scored an all-time high in points for the main event. Mac McClung put Southwest Virginia on the map by winning the dunk contest without missing a single attempt!

But this season’s All-Star Weekend also had the lowest ratings ever by a considerable margin. Part of it may have been because the best players did not play extended minutes. Or perhaps it’s also because players just aren’t playing defense anymore. And that the league’s best players aren’t participating in the dunk contest, even if McClung is a really good dunker.

As a Washington Wizards fan, I don’t really care too much about the ratings any single year. What I care more about is if the Wizards have representation. Unfortunately, no one was in the All-Star Game, no one participated in All-Star Saturday night. And no one was in the Rising Stars Challenge.

This past weekend, it just felt like the Wizards were totally irrelevant. And I didn’t watch ANY of last weekend’s events live because no Wizards were present.

Regardless of whatever happens with their postseason ambitions, I hope that the Wizards can use this as motivation to do better. All-Star weekend mentions in some fashion are a way to boost fan morale. And right now, I just feel empty.