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Russell Westbrook to sign with Clippers after buyout

The Washington Wizards were in consideration until the end though.

Washington Wizards v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Russell Westbrook, who is under contract with the Utah Jazz, will sign a contract with the Los Angeles Clippers after getting a buyout and clearing waivers. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported the news on Monday.

Westbrook previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, mostly in a reserve role. He also considered playing for the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

It is mildly disappointing that Westbrook isn’t returning to Washington, where he had his most impressive regular season in 2020-21. He would have been the starting point guard. And I think he would be the type of player to will the Wizards to a Top-6 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Ultimately, Westbrook gets to stay in LA and play for the 33-28 Clippers, who are fourth in the Western Conference.

Now that Westbrook is out of the buyout market, Washington will have to decide whether Monte Morris is the answer at starting point guard. Or if they should give an old friend, aka John Wall a call. Wall is also one of the top options in the buyout market.

What are your opinions about this move? And do you want to see Wall return now that Westbrook made his decision? Let us know in the comments below.