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SB Nation Reacts: Most Wizards fans don’t want John Wall to return to Washington this season

Fan confidence is split.

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Happy President’s Day! Here are the results of our Washington Wizards fan survey! Our national results were released yesterday.

Wizards fans are split on confidence at the All-Star Break

SB Nation

A combined 49 percent of respondents gave 1s and 2s on their confidence in the Wizards. Another combined 46 percent gave 3s and 4s. Just five percent gave 5s.

Why are fans getting more confident?

  • The Unicorn is playing his basketball in his life. Kuzma has been fantastic and Beal is a scoring machine. The team has good all-around players.
  • They clearly have a team that can win games, it all comes down to defense primarily knowing their personnel. Looking at how quickly they’ve been able to build early leads only for the lack of defensive focus to come back to haunt them, I like their chances with better defensive focus.
  • The trio of KP, Kuz, and Beal is not a bad nucleus to build on. You now just have to build on their chemistry and add some defensive formulas, however, that is applied. I would let someone other than Tommy handle the drafting though.

And why are they not?

  • The goal is to be right where we are, a borderline play-in/playoff team. This is success for Ted & Tommy.
  • They won’t tank to draft a superstar and aren’t good enough at scouting or player development to find a diamond in the rough. Also, because the Wizards won’t go over the cap, they won’t re-sign players that would be needed to trade for a superstar without giving up Beal or Porzingis. Plus, the Wiz’s lottery protected 1st that the Knicks have stalled any real trade opportunities. Finally, Kuzma is empty calories and the Wiz are going to fall for it and overpay him. His true shooting percentage is roughly equal to Deni’s but he’s taking the 2nd most shots. Over the last week, the Wizards have played the best offense they have all season with Kuz mostly out of the lineup. That’s no coincidence.
  • What’s going to happen next year with 2 of the big 3 not under contract? The Big 3 aren’t always healthy and aren’t that young. The young players are very inconsistent. No budding stars to speak of (Deni is too inconsistent).

Most Wizards fans don’t want to see John Wall return to the team this season

SB Nation

While John Wall is a fan favorite and likely one of the better players on the buyout market, most people don’t think he should be in a Wizards uniform this season. Just 30 percent want him back right now.

Personally, as I wrote last week, it was better for the Wizards to pursue Russell Westbrook than Wall, considering the Wizards’ goal of making the playoffs. Westbrook ultimately will sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. So is it time for Wall to come home?

We will probably not have a survey this week due to the All-Star Break. Until then, let’s see how the Wizards do with their postseason push, despite the fact that many fans (including me) don’t think a run is in their best interest.