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SB Nation Reacts: Here are our national results at the NBA All-Star Break

No Wizards are mentioned.

2023 NBA All-Star - State Farm All-Star Saturday Night Photo by Tyler Kaufman/NBAE via Getty Images

Here are our SB Nation Reacts national survey results, just in time for the All-Star Break.

The Nuggets and Celtics are the favorites to win the East and West

SB Nation

Welcome to our national survey results which are out just before the All-Star break. As you might expect, the Wizards aren’t mentioned in any questions, because ... they just aren’t relevant right now.

So with the first question, which team will win the Western Conference? Nearly half, or 48 percent believe the Denver Nuggets will pull it off and go the Finals.

SB Nation

For the East, it looks clear that the Boston Celtics will win according to respondents. They had 58 percent of the vote.

Most fans aren’t optimistic about Durant winning an NBA title with Phoenix

SB Nation

Since the Phoenix Suns were not the voters’ favorite to win the Western Conference, it should not be a surprise that just 31 percent of fans think that they will win a title with newly-acquired forward Kevin Durant.

Luka Doncic will be drafted first and SFDSFDSFDS last in tonight’s All-Star Game

SB Nation

Tonight’s NBA All-Star Game will feature the first same-day draft in league history. Forty nine percent of fans believe that Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic will be the first player drafted.

SB Nation

If a player is drafted first, a player must be drafted last. Twenty percent of respondents believe that New York Knicks forward Justin Randle will be in that situation.

Tomorrow, we will share our Wizards team survey results.