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SB Nation Reacts: How are you feeling after Valentine’s Day, Wizards fans?

Let’s get right to the meat and potatoes!

Washington Wizards v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Amanda Loman/Getty Images

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Hello Washington Wizards fans, happy day-after-Valentine’s Day!

As you know, the Wizards are out on another west coast road trip which should be the last for this season. They also are about to head into the All-Star Break without ANY players for the second year. Then again, I guess we have a phrase for that.

This is a truly #SoWizards season.

Even then, for a team that is sub-.500, maybe we could see someone in the rising stars game. But the reality is that Johnny Davis is spending most of his time in the G-League, and he isn’t even performing well enough for that game.

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