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SB Nation Reacts: National reactions to NBA trade deadline news!

There isn’t much on the Wizards, so let’s discuss national moves here.

Dallas Mavericks v LA Clippers
Kyrie Irving is now with the Mavericks.
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards were quiet at the NBA Trade Deadline, though they may buy out Will Barton. But the rest of the league was busy. Our national survey was this week, but it came out before the news of Kevin Durant’s trade to the Phoenix Suns. Let’s get to the results!

Most fans thought the Brooklyn Nets were the winners of the Kyrie Irving trade

SB Nation

Let’s get to our first question of the survey where 56 percent of respondents thought that the Nets were the winners of the trade. I agree. Irving brings too much drama to any team he’s on. The Mavericks will now have to answer for any bad publicity about his coronavirus vaccination status, whether the Earth is a sphere-ish thing that orbits around the sun or his views on Jewish people.

The Mavericks didn’t lose the trade though.

SB Nation

Sure, 40 percent of fans thought that the Mavs were losers because of Irving’s baggage. But 44 percent thought the Lakers were even BIGGER losers! I don’t think the Lakers need this guy’s drama.

But most fans expect that Irving won’t have a great time with the Mavericks

SB Nation

Seventy-nine percent of respondents believe the Mavericks will regret that Irving came their way via trade. I don’t disagree!

Most fans don’t see the Mavericks winning the West with Irving and Luka Doncic

SB Nation

When just 16 percent of fans nationwide think that the Mavericks are the team to beat in the Western Conference, I’m not sure if that trade is worth it. ESPECIALLY when that player has so much bad PR behind him.

SB Nation Reacts wishes that these questions could be re-asked after the Durant trade

SB Nation

A small majority, 56 percent, believe that this was the most impactful trade. From a talent perspective, the Durant trade is bigger. But one can still make a case that this trade is still the most impactful because it set the dominoes in motion for a Durant trade.

We have hindsight of course, but only 16 percent of fans thought Durant would be traded by the deadline. Again, remember that this survey closed BEFORE the news of Durant’s trade.

SB Nation

I will share our Washington Wizards-only results on Saturday. Happy Friday everyone!

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