Trading in Memphis

I've been thinking about some trades the Wizards could do to get more assets and I think Memphis could be a good trade p do. Memphis seems like a good candidate. With Ja coming back they'll want to be good. So here's a trade that could help with that

Memphis gets:



-2 future 2nd Rd picks

Washington gets:


+Brandon Clarke

-GG Jackson

-2025 draft pick unprotected

Why for Memphis

Memphis is struggling hard right now, but they have hope with Ja coming back soon. Their wings, outside of Bane, have struggled mightily. Getting Kuzma would help a ton. Kuzma could play SF or PF depending on matchups. Allowing Memphis to always have great length on the floor. Also, Kuzma was very clutch for the Wizards last year when he wasn't the main option, as he wouldn’t be on this team. He would also get a lot of great looks on offense in general as defenses would struggle trying to cover Morant, Bane, JJJ, and him. Memphis is also spending a lot of money on Ja, Bane, and JJJ. Having a good player on a solid declining contract would be awesome for them.Kispert provides what Kenard provides, but at a much cheaper price. Kenard needs to be in the deal to make the money work, so getting his replacement in Kispert is nice. Memphis would also lose Clarke, who they really like. But he is coming off an injury and is the cost of doing business. Plus they have Aldama to step in. They give up an unprotected 2025 pick, but could convince themselves that they'll be good that season so the pick would be a late first Rd pick.

Why for Washington:

This trade is mostly about getting an unprotected pick in 2025. With how even most of the West is, and not knowing where Morant’s at mentally, this pick could be a lottery pick. Getting another one of those in the Cooper Flag draft is a win in my book. Getting GG Jackson is nice too. The kid has tons of potential and taking a chance on a guy like him is what a winning challenged team like the Wizards should do. Clarke helps with the rebounding problem and seems like the type of player and guy who'd be a good influence for a rebuilding team. Kenard can be moved to another team for more assets or retained as needed

What do you think?

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