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Is perception of Jordan Poole hurting the Wizards this season?

Another article “praises” the wizards guard for not being too serious about life.

Washington Wizards v Orlando Magic Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Wizards guard Jordan Poole is one of a few players who has a national following, mainly because he spent his first four years with the Golden State Warriors. This season he is unfortunately becoming a player that national outlets target as being a goofball. has posted enough articles about how Poole is playing. So I wanted to direct your attention to a piece on GQ that came out last week. You can read it below.

For us as fans, I get that the NBA is an entertainment outlet for us. We want to see players work hard and perform well on the court. But we also don’t mind seeing them show their lighthearted moments from time to time.

But on a team that is supposed to rebuild a new identity (yes, I am using that word), it is not a good thing seeing a cornerstone player being better known for being a perceived goofball, then as a hard-working basketball player while the team is struggling to win games,

Maybe it’s just me but for whatever reason the Wizards seem to attract negative publicity like this more often than other teams, even if these other teams are playing poorly. Do you think this news is hurting the Wizards? Let us know in the comments below.