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Holiday gifts for each of the Wizards

Here are a few things I’d give to each member of the Wizards.

Happy holidays, DC Family! No matter how frustrating it can be to root for this team at times, I’m grateful to get to interact with all of you!

In honor of the holiday season, here is what I would give to each member of the Washington Wizards.

Deni Avdija

Ambidexterity. If Avdija could also go left it would go a long way toward increasing his offense productivity. He’s been improved this season but teams are already starting to force him to go left and he still doesn’t quite have that part figured out.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.

Lifts for his shoes. If Baldwin Jr. were three inches taller, he could be a real stretch 5 and he would probably see the court a lot more.

Bilal Coulibaly

A French pal in next year’s lottery. French basketball is on the upswing and either Zaccharie Risacher or Tidjane Salaun would be intriguing additions to the roster.

Johnny Davis

A new shooting coach and a sports psychologist. Whether it’s mental, physical, or technical, Davis clearly needs some extra attention. (Author’s note: see below for more on Davis).

Daniel Gafford

A shake weight and some protein powder. Gafford needs to keep getting stronger to be even more effective.

Danilo Gallinari

Maybe a jet pack because he’s so slow? Or a first-class ticket back to Italy for whatever team is going to be player/coach/owner of next.

Anthony Gill

One of the polo shirts the coaches wear so he can seamlessly transition into his next role.

Tyus Jones

A championship ring. Let’s proceed to move him to a contender so he can be a part of a deep playoff run.

Corey Kispert

A video tape of the speech the Pistons gave Rip Hamilton when he was traded from Washington. Hamilton has said his Pistons teammates told him he needed to do whatever it takes to offer some resistance on defense, even if he had to scratch and claw his opponent. I’d like to see that mindset from Kispert.

Kyle Kuzma

A level. When Kuzma’s lower body is balanced and he isn’t fading backwards, he’s a much more effective shooter.

Mike Muscala

A cushion so he doesn’t get splinters from the bench.

Jordan Poole

A return of the amnesty clause. He could still get paid his whole deal but would be free to go be a microwave scorer on a contender, a role he seems much better suited for.

Ryan Rollins

Playing time.

Landry Shamet

A tribute video as he moves on to his next destination, hopefully in exchange for draft picks.

Delon Wright

Supplements like glucosamine to help his knee get back to full strength.

Wes Unseld Jr.

A clue.

The Front Office

More 1st round picks to work with.

As Jahadi White and I are both busy traveling around over the holidays, we weren’t able to record an episode of the Bleav in Wizards podcast this week. As a little stocking stuffer episode for listeners, I went into a little more detail for each of these holiday gifts listed above. But I also included a conversation I had with former Wizard Sam Dekker about a year ago regarding Johnny Davis and his struggles.

With Johnny Davis apparently healthy again and ready to start getting back into games, I thought it might be a good time to revisit that conversation as I think it was one of the best episode of the podcast we’ve done to date.

Dekker was able to provide a lot of insight into what Davis has been going through but also some suggestions for what might help him. I think that conversation is still very relevant today so if you didn’t catch it the first time, you might enjoy what Dekker has to say. Happy holidays, everyone!