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Live podcast: What we want to see from the Wizards over the next 20 games

Former Wizards Jahadi White gives his perspective on what’s next for the Wizards.

Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards
Bilal Coulibaly playing defense against the 76ers
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

On a previous episode of the Bleav in Wizards podcast, former Wizard Jahadi White and I reviewed what we’ve seen from the Wizards over the first quarter of the season. At 12:05 p.m. EST today, we will be discussing what we’d like to see from the team moving forward.

We will start the show by recapping the 76ers and Nets games and talking about the impressive flashes by rookie Bilal Coulibaly. But I also want Jahadi’s take on Coulibaly’s equally, if not more so, impressive postgame comments about not being afraid of players like Joel Embiid. We will also talk about how he stacks up with other rookies around the league.

Chase Hughes of the Monumental Sports Network wrote a really good feature on Coulibaly that we will also talk through. In the piece, Coulibaly talked about who has been mentoring him, how his shooting has improved so quickly, and much more. Jahadi and I will weigh in on some of the more noteworthy parts of the article.

From there, we will weigh in on what we’d like to see Wes Unseld Jr. do differently, potential schematic changes, rotation changes, personnel moves, how players could change their games to better serve the team, and how we think the next quarter of the season will play out.

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to contribute to the show, as always, feel free to join us in the YouTube chat during the show.

Jahadi shared an anecdote about when Darrell Walker was the Wizards coach and rode Ike Austin pretty hard. Some of the longer term fans may appreciate it.