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Does it matter that Jordan Poole threw an alley oop pass off the backboard to Kyle Kuzma?

Social media seems to be acting as if the Wizards were up by 20, not DOWN by the move.

Memphis Grizzlies v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are not expected to be a good team this year. I think we all know that now, considering that Jordan Poole, Kyle Kuzma and friends are now on a three-game losing streak.

But sometimes, when the Wizards get some chemistry going, they STILL get bashed for it.

Last Wednesday, the Wizards played against the Atlanta Hawks to start their long road trip and they lost, 130-121. At one point in the third quarter, they were down by 21 points in the third quarter, when Poole got on the fast break and threw an alley oop pass off the backboard to Kuzma, who made the slam dunk.

Not a bad play, right? Well, they were in Atlanta, so the fans booed Poole for the pass. But social media was quick to lampoon Poole because the Wizards were down by 21 points when the play happened.

Well, here’s how I see it. The Wizards aren’t going to win too many games this season barring an act of God. That’s fine. But if the young players and the veteran duo can make plays where they are genuinely enjoying the game, I have to appreciate the smaller things in life.

So seriously, I’m glad to see that Poole and Kuzma are starting to develop some chemistry here.