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George Mason's Keyshawn Hall is an NBA Draft prospect right in the Wizards' backyard

Hall is a 6'7 athlete with guard skills who should continue to climb up draft boards.

Keyshawn Hall playing for George Mason

When Tommy Sheppard took over for Ernie Grunfeld he proclaimed that under him the Wizards would look to add athletic wings who can shoot and offer positional versatility. That never really materialized in the form of players who met all of the criteria.

The new front office took care of that with their very first draft selection by taking Bilal Coulibaly. It's reasonable to expect them to continue to look for more players in that mold.

That's where George Mason's Keyshawn "Big Guard" Hall comes in. The "Big Guard" nickname is not ironic. At 6'7, Hall can pass, dribble, shoot, and defend on both the perimeter and the interior.

Hall was somewhat off the radar as a 285 pound freshman at UNLV. He has since lost 60 points and the extra pep in his step has allowed him to blossom into a legitimate NBA Draft prospect.

He's not Bilal Coulibaly in terms of long-term upside but he checks many of the boxes this new regime seems to prioritize. In fact, during the interview I made the comparison between the role he plays for Mason and the one Kyle Kuzma plays for the Wizards. He's an offensive hub in college but his game would easily translate to a scaled down role in the NBA as well.

After speaking to him yesterday for an episode of Bleav in DMV Hoops, I feel confident he also checks all of the boxes they look for in terms of character and work ethic. Given that he's a short drive away from Capital One Arena, I hope to see members of the Wizards' scouting department there to see him in person.

Feel free to check out the interview for more of his story and I'll continue to keep you posted on his progress throughout the year and other local draft prospects.