There are some good gleague shooting guards that are beasting right now who are better than davis and shamet

What is dawkins even thinking, Wes doesn't even trust davis.

If they plan to keep kuzma and poole until next season, Adding solid contributors is what we need.

Detroit had many top 5 and top 10 picks in those past seasons, And yet they are struggling.

Adding a top 6 pick alone and some unknown 2nd round picks won't help or might be a bust.

There are lots of good players in gleague with upside. If we plan to suck this way at least davis, rollins, baldwin jr., should be getting minutes. Or else sign guys with upside.

.even bernard is playing solid in gleague.

Are they only good because it's just a gleague teams? We plan to suck right? Then suck with players that has upside.

Gill is even useless, Waived gill and sign porter jr. and this will make some fans happy. For Sure.

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