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Patrick Beverley calls the Wizards a “shit show” in podcast

The Philadelphia 76ers guard was a bit … too honest?

Washington Wizards v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Normally, NBA players do not comment much about other teams in a negative light. This is especially the case when said players have never worn the uniform of that team.

This morning, a clip of Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverley was released on social media for his podcast which is on Barstool Sports. On that clip, he called the Washington Wizards a “shit show.” The clip can be seen below.

Beverley didn’t necessarily call the Wizards a “shit show” because they are losing most of their games. He did say that. But Beverley made light of Jordan Poole’s recent huddle moment as a sign that the Wizards don’t have good veteran leadership.

I can see some Wizards fans take exception to Beverley’s comments because he never played for Washington and is commenting about a team that isn’t his own. But in this day and age when more players are getting their own podcasts and other ways of getting their message out there, this is EXACTLY the type of content that many fans want.

I don’t think Beverley HAD to say those comments about Poole and the Wizards. But it isn’t a good thing when players on other teams say these things that long time fans just aren’t pleased about out loud.

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