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Breaking down last night’s Wizards game with former Wizard Jahadi White

Tune in for a live stream of the Bleav in Wizards podcast at 12:15 EST.

Jahidi White attempts to find a better position
Jahadi White boxing out for the Wizards

Former Wizards center Jahadi White and I will provide analysis on the Wizards’ loss to the Hawks, the season so far, certain players who have stood out for good or bad, and what to make of Wes Unseld Jr. so far. The Bleav in Wizards episode stream will go live at 12:15 p.m. EST.

I really want a former player’s perspective on what it’s like being both a young player and a veteran in the locker room of a rebuilding team. I’m especially curious about whether he thinks, given their result so far, if the team is bought into whatever Wes Unseld Jr. is saying to them. Hopefully it can shed some light on what different players might be feeling about their current situation.

If you’d like to follow along live, you can do so at the link above. We will go through as many listener questions and comments from that as we can, time permitting.

Jahidi White blocks a shot by Brian Skinner.
White blocking a shot against the Cavaliers