Was Jordan Poole really worth it?

Last night's game was nothing short of upsetting for Jordan Poole. 8 points. 2-11 for field goals. 0-6 from the three point range. 5 turnovers. Plus, we lost our third consecutive in-season tournament group stage game, this time to the Knicks.

Let's just wind back to the offseason where we sent Chris Paul to the Warriors for Poole, Patrick Baldwin Jr, Ryan Rollins, and a batch of draft picks. While Chris Paul might be one of the greatest point guards of all time, the trade itself was probably smart from the Wizards. We need to invest in younger talent to drive our future team. Paul is 38, guys like Poole, Baldwin, and Rollins are on the younger side.

But now, looking back, was that trade really that smart? Poole is averaging around 16 points per game with three assists tagging along there as well. Not bad but not All-Star talent. And whenever you hear Jordan Poole in the news, it's usually not great.

If the Wizards are trying to center our team around Poole, he shouldn't be having nights where he's posting single-digit point numbers on his stat line.

And look, I understand general hopes weren't high heading into the season. We were ranked #30 on basically every pre-season power rankings list by all major sports analysts. They said we had the weakest and least-talented rosters. But that doesn't mean we should "pout" about the season. This is really a development season. Fans want to see noticeable breakthroughs in players like Poole, Avdija, Coulibaly, Kispert, Rollins, and even Kuzma and Gafford. But I just don't think in that Knicks game the team showcased any sort of possible breakthrough talent.

We need to be optimistic though...until we see that we play the Bucks next and just a few days after that in the in-season tournament.

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