On the future of the team

Last night's loss was expected. The odds were pitted against us. No one should expect this Wizards team to have a winning record, make it to the playoffs, play-in tournament, or get anywhere in the in-season competition. Us fans need to realize that we're in the cavernous stages of a rebuild.

This season is for young guys to get to play and develop. Our team wants a high lottery pick in the upcoming draft to finish piecing our team together.

Regardless, this season will still not be great. But we should focus on the strides we see in player development from players like Deni Avdija, Corey Kispert, Daniel Gafford, and even Jordan Poole. We should especially focus on Bilal Coulibaly. As of now, he's probably not going to be Rookie of the Year but has a shot on the All-Rookie team. He guarded one of the league's best currently-active players last night, Luka Doncic, and was playing and was playing consistent defense.

The front office and executive leadership team reserves the right to part ways with Wes Unseld Jr. It's totally within their jurisdiction. But is it the right move? Even with a new, interim head coach at the helm of the team, I don't think our final season record will see any major improvements.

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