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Jordan Poole’s start with the Wizards has gone poorly

So far, the guard seems to be getting on social media for the wrong reasons. And that’s not good for anyone.

Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Washington Wizards guard Jordan Poole is getting a fresh start after playing his first four seasons with the Golden Start Warriors. While the Wizards weren’t expected to win many games, he at least was supposed to be a bright spot where he could have a role as a primary scoring option.

Poole certainly is certainly taking advantage of being a scoring option, averaging 16.2 points per game. But he’s barely making 30 percent of his threes. And he’s getting on social media for the wrong reasons.

During the Brooklyn Nets game earlier this week, Poole could be seen ignoring a timeout huddle and then looking lost on the court on the subsequent play.

H/T to Ricky O’Donnell of for this article as well.

So far in the past month, Poole drew complaints from Deni Avdija for shot selection and got lampooned for throwing an off-the-backboard pass to Kyle Kuzma. I don’t take much issue with the latter incident, but these things are adding up for the player who was supposed to be the indirect centerpiece of the Bradley Beal trade last summer.

And to make matters, sort of worse, the Wizards themselves may not view Poole as much of a cornerstone. According to Marc Stein, the team is likely viewing him more as a player who could be a trade chip for a future move than as a surefire cornerstone.

That should be a wake up call for Poole, who has seen himself as a cornerstone. Right now, he’s not playing like one.

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