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Live 2024 NBA Draft preview show today

On today’s Bleav in Wizards at 4 p.m., we’ll be giving you the prospects to pay attention to throughout the season.

Perth Wildcats 2023/24 NBL Headshots Session
Top draft prospect Alex Sarr
Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images for NBL

Yes, yes, I realize the 2024 NBA Draft is a long way away and we have an entire Wizards season between now and then. However, it seems pretty apparent already that the Wizards will at the very least find themselves selecting in the lottery again. Over the course of a long NBA season you may find yourself wanting to watch some other basketball. Being aware of some noteworthy names may give you opportunities to watch the top prospects throughout the season.

Ersin Demir, who writes his own NBA Draft Newsletter and contributes to Shot Quality, and I will be going over the point guards and centers likely to go in the lottery on today’s episode. We will also throw out a few candidates who could be available later in the draft that we think are worth monitoring.

This episode of Bleav in Wizards will be broadcast live at 4 p.m. EST so if you have any names you’d like us to discuss or questions about certain guys or their fits with the Wizards, feel free to follow along in the YouTube chat.