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Wizards at Raptors final score: Washington blows 23 point lead, loses 111-107

Wizards embarrassingly manage to blow 23 point lead in Toronto, fall to Raptors.

Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards blew a 23 points lead and lost to the Toronto Raptors on Monday night, 111-107.

The Wizards were leading 71-48 with just over three minutes into the second half. At that point the Wizards season game plan seemed to kick-in... The Raptors slowly chipped at the lead. Siakam stopped giving any regard to Wizards front-court and took the ball to his favorite spots over and over again. With about 7:25 minutes to go the Wizards had 107 or 106 points. Since that point until the end of regulation (yes...) the Wizards were held scoreless from the field and missed their last 11 field goal attempts. The Raptors went on a 21-1 run, and won 107-111. Beyond the misses, the Wizards had embarrassing turnover after embarrassing turnover. For instance, when the Raptors went up finally 107-109, the Wizards took a time out with about 10 seconds left. Right after the timeout the ball went to Kuzma (who had 34 points), who immediately stepped on the line. Turnover. That was Kuz’s 6th turnover. Avdija had 4, including a couple embarrassing ones in clutch time. Poole was 6-for-16 for 14 points and 4 turnovers as well. Overall the Wizards shot an excellent 46 percent from deep (12-for-26) but lost partly due to 22 turnovers (compared to 16 by Toronto).

The Raptors shot 19 percent from deep and still won (4-for-21) in a #SoWizards fashion. This was the Raptors’ 4th biggest come-from-behind-win in franchise history. The worst part: the Wizards did not even seem interested in winning in those clutch minutes, as if they were thinking already on the lottery balls.

Siakam nearly had a 39-point triple-double (11 rebounds and 7 assists).

The Wizards now head home to play the Mavericks, Knicks, and Bucks.