GM5 Poole is the worst. Call NY NOW

Trade Poole to Knicks for Fournier and 1st.

Most costly mistake by Dawkins is getting Poole. DC should have traded Chris Paul at the deadline for another expiring and draft picks. DC is now on the hook the next 3 years for 97 mil after this season.

How did DC not get Kuminga or Moody in that deal to take on such a bad contract? Like a dummy took on a 128 million dollar contract for a player who is already on the downside of his career and bailed the Warriors out of their salary cap and team chemistry problems.

Even next year DC could have brought in two star free agents with the over 80 mil in cap space in 24-25 to go with Kuz, Bilal, Deni, Gaf and a 2024 top 5 pick.

Jordan Poole is trying to lose. His defense dare I say is worse than Beal's. For every 1 good offensive play there are 2 bad ones. He had a horrible playoffs last season. Why get a shooting guard who can't play defense and can't shoot. Yeah I said it he can't shoot no more. Poole 2020, 2021 is not Poole 2023.

After he got hit upside his dome he can't play basketball correctly. It's like he's playing with a constant concussion. When Poole is on the court I really don't want to see him play. He continually loses his man when on defense. He plays weak.

Getting out of Beal's contract was the team's 1st priority. Now the 1st priority is getting out of Poole's contract. Everything else doesn't matter.

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