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The Wizards give details about their new City Edition uniforms

The inspiration of the design is coming from DC’s boundary stones, which were the original lines of the city.

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On Wednesday, the Washington Wizards officially released their City Edition jerseys. The reviews of the look were mixed, given the black, teal blue/green and red. But the Wizards’ official press release sheds some light behind the decision.

In their release, the color of the jerseys, notably the black and teal, are coming from the oxidation around Washington’s boundary stones. While Washington today is on a plot of land on the northern side of the Potomac River, the original boundaries included land south of the river. Today, that land is now better known as Arlington County, Va. and part of Alexandria City, Va.

You can also watch a video about this below.

The Wizards will wear these jerseys 13 times, starting on Friday, Nov. 10 when they play the Charlotte Hornets in their first game of the NBA In Season Tournament.

Now that we see the rationale of the Wizards’ City Edition jerseys, does that change your opinion on them? Let us know in the comments below.