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The Taipans head to America after a testy game with the Bullets

The Taipans play the Wizards after playing the Bullets where there was an alleged confrontation between their head coach and Bullets center Aron Baynes. I’m not making this up.

NBL Rd 2 - Brisbane Bullets v Cairns Taipans Photo by Russell Freeman/Getty Images

Tomorrow, the Washington Wizards will host the NBL’s Cairns Taipans in a preseason match. The Taipans have just finished playing some of their regular season matches before the weekend, and had a testy matchup against the Brisbane Bullets before the weekend.

Yes, the NBL has a team named the Bullets.

Last Saturday, the Taipans beat the Bullets, 89-86 in a close matchup. However, there were altercations between Bullets center Aron Baynes, Taipans forward Lat Mayen and Taipans head coach Adam Forde.

Before halftime, Baynes and Mayen were tangled up for a rebound which caused a double technical foul, along with the Bullets’ bench getting a technical. Then Forde and Baynes were in another verbal altercation during halftime. According to Olgun Uluc of, this allegedly happened when Forde was outside the Bullets’ locker room during halftime. The Bullets are calling for Forde’s suspension.

Ultimately, Baynes and Mayen were ejected before the second half of the game.

It’s also unclear if the NBL suspends Forde. If so, I’m not sure if that will happen during their international trip and their game tomorrow against the WIzards.