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It’s unclear who the Wizards’ “leader” will be

Bijan Todd of Monumental Sports Network wrote about the new faces in Washington’s locker room and who their leader may end up being.

2023-24 Washington Wizards Media Day
Could Corey Kispert be the Wizards’ locker room leader this year?
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are beginning their rebuild with one major question: Who will emerge as the team’s leader?

On the surface, you might think that Kyle Kuzma or Jordan Poole will be those players. They are going to be paid the most and should expect to be among the Wizards’ biggest contributors. And when you think about it, Kuzma at least should be one of those leaders. Ava Wallace of The Washington Post wrote a feature about Kuzma embracing his opportunity with the Wizards this past Friday.

But according to an article that Bijan Todd of Monumental Sports Network wrote recently, it isn’t always the case where Kuzma and Poole will be the leaders while everyone else follows. Veteran forward Danilo Gallinari noted that sometimes the biggest scorer is the “leader” in the locker rooms, and in other times he wouldn’t.

In Todd’s article, Wizards head coach Wes Unseld, Jr. said that Corey Kispert could have that type of potential. Kispert himself said that Tyus Jones was that player. Before anyone starts insinuating that Unseld believes Kispert is the Wizards’ leader, he also noted that leadership would likely be by committee.

To me, this kind of thing is all up in the air at the moment. The Wizards are rebuilding and it’s unclear which players, including Kuzma and Poole, can expect to be in the nationa’s capital for the long haul. In time, the leaders in this locker room will emerge. Until then, we shall see what … we shall see!