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Check out highlights of the Wizards’ fashion show last night

Move over New York, London, Paris and Milan! DC was the center of le monde de la mode last night!

When you think about fashion cities, you’re thinking about cities like London, Paris, Milan and New York. But last night, that fashion spotlight was centered on the Wharf in Washington, DC, featuring .... the WASHINGTON WIZARDS! They hosted their Style Showcase at the District Pier.

I will admit that I am no fashion guru or Instagram influencer. But let’s check out the Wizards strut down the catwalk wearing some of the latest trends by many local DC artists in the X posts below!

Yes, I know. I used some hyperbole in the first paragraph. The Wizards are “sUpPoSeD tO bE tHe WoRsT tEaM iN tHe NBA ThIs SeAsOn! WhO iS gOiNg To WaTcH?!”

A full house of ladies and gentlemen was surrounding the catwalk! NOT HYPERBOLE HERE!

And finally, I’ll finish this post with this video the Wizards posted on X, featuring ALL of the players making their final rundown.

Who wore the best outfit on the roster? Let us know in the comments below!