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DJ Heat shows how she spends most of her time at a Wizards game

The Wizards’ DJ spends most of her time watching the game and changing the music when the right play warrants it.

Atlanta Dream v Washington Mystics Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

DJ Heat is the Washington Wizards and Mystics’ official DJ. You can see her in the stands at Capital One Arena during the NBA season or at the Entertainment and Sports Arena during the summer months. And until now, many of you probably assume she is just playing music during shootaround and commercial breaks.


In a post on X yesterday, DJ Heat posted her routine while a game was going on. And most of it isn’t deciding what tunes Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma should play on the airplane for their next road trip.

Even I’m surprised at how much work she has to do to change things up! Sometimes, a banger may be on the audio system when the Wizards are in possession of the ball. But then … a turnover!

Or maybe the opposing team prompts defense music … and then a FAST BREAK basket for the good guys!

Now you know it’s not that easy to be a DJ at a professional basketball game!