Wizards just paid Taj Gibson $84,210 A DAY for 38 days. Tommy Ain't That DUMB!

September 15 Wizards sign Taj Gibson to a $3,200,000 guaranteed contract. 38 days later, on October 23 the Wizards released him. There was not one regular season game played, so Taj did not score a point, or get a rebound, or get an assist, or not even a block attempt. Taj did not even get a chance to waive the white towel on the bench cheering his team on.

I want to know what Ted Leonsis thinks about this throwing his money away. Ted is famous on draft day of selling 2nd round picks for $1million to $3million each every other season. The new GM just gave $3.2 million to a guy who never even suited up. AND HE WASN'T INJURED. I want that summer job!!!

The Wizards were already over the 15 man roster limit. Wow. Can the new GM not count to 15? Are you ready:

Poole is 1, Kuz is 2, Corey is 3.................Muscala is 14, Xavier is 16, so signing Taj makes 15. Hmmmmm.

My man GM Dawkins, you have some exsplaining to do. Ted needs you to make sure that high 2nd round pick can bring in $3.2 million at next years draft.

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