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The Wizards’ City Edition jersey has been released

The Wizards will wear a black jersey with red and teal accents and Gothic fonts.


The NBA has released its annual City Edition jerseys, including the Washington Wizards’. This season’s jersey will be a black jersey with red and team accents and a thin red stripe that goes from the bottom red side to the left shoulder. Many of the wordmarks are in an Old English Gothic style.

You can check out the image here.

The reactions to the jersey are mixed but seem to trend negative. The color scheme doesn’t match anything the Wizards have used in the past. And I’m not sure why they are using Gothic-style fonts for the team on this alternate jersey.

Before you say the Wizards have the worst City Edition jerseys in the NBA, check out this piece by Joseph Acosta of SB Nation. In his ranking, the Wizards were ranked below average but not in the worst tier.

What are your reactions to the jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.