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The Wizards are STILL expected to be the most unwatchable team in the NBA

Hey, I gotta put out the #SoWizards stuff because they are the only news stories I get to write on, okay?

NBA: Wizards v Taipans
Kyle Kuzma’s sense of fashion and Jordan Poole won’t be enough to make the Wizards a team to watch, at least sometimes.
Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

I’ll admit it. I’ve been posting the rough stories around the Washington Wizards. It almost makes it seem like I’m going against the Wizards’ goals to be successful.

And trust me, I’m not posting stories for “#SoWizards” X to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for Wizards fans who expect the worst out of the team. The reality is that the mainstream media believes they are going to be the worst team in the NBA.

So … here’s another bad story. I guess the Wizards are going to be so bad this season that I might as well relish in it, right?


Zach Lowe of ESPN wrote earlier this week that the Wizards are the most unwatchable and un-fun team according to his NBA League Pass rankings. It is based on a number of factors such as talent, coaching and uniforms. But the bottom line is that the Wizards are just not going to be a team that average folks want to see, even if Kyle Kuzma is trying to cross-pollinate his affinity for ugly pink Belgian sweaters with Emma Meesseman’s fans in her homeland, who are one group of tough customers in their own right. Trust me, I’ve dealt with it during her heyday here.

But to be fair to Lowe, he did acknowledge that Kuzma and Jordan Poole could compete for the team’s leading scorer which could make things interesting. And Gafford is also an “ultra-violent dunker.” But at the end of the day, it’s not enough to make Washington more intriguing than the Detroit Pistons, who were in 29th place.

Do you think the national media is hating too much on the Wizards? Do you think I’m leaning too much into this angle that the Wizards will be “so bad that they will be so good,” if you know what I mean? Let us know in the comments below.