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The NBA’s 2023-24 GM survey makes very little mention of the Wizards

The closest thing is some votes for Jordan Poole as a new player who will make a big impact.

Washington Wizards Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2023-24 NBA GM survey is out. This is where the leaders of every front office gets to say which teams are projected to be the best or more promising in the association.

Since the Washington Wizards are expected to be a lottery team, if not the worst team in the league, the GM survey did not mention Washington as a contender for the NBA championship or that Kyle Kuzma will be the MVP or the Most Improved Player.

There were two categories where current Wizards players received votes. For the category of new player who was the most underrated acquisition, guard Tyus Jones and guard Jordan Poole received some votes, though they were not in the Top 3.

And for the category of which player would make the best head coach someday, Jones also received votes.

The Wizards were sort of ranked in the category of most surprising move of the offseason. Chris Paul’s move from the Phoenix Suns to Golden State Warriors was third place while Bradley Beal’s move from Washington to Phoenix was fourth. But Paul was only a Wizard for a few days so that Washington could get Poole. And Beal is no longer a Wizard.

Do you think the Wizards should have placed higher in some categories in the survey? Let us know in the comments below.