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What questions would you like us to ask on Wizards Media Day?

We are a fan community so here is your chance!

2022-23 Washington Wizards Media Day Photo by Rich Kessler/NBAE via Getty Images

Can you believe it? The Washington Wizards’ training camp starts tomorrow and it all starts with Media Day! The event will be at 12 p.m. ET on Monday at Capital One Arena. We will have a live thread so you can chime in.

Like past seasons, we will be at the event. Marco Gacina and Greg Finberg will be there to represent us.

Marco and Greg will ask the standard questions to Wizards players and coaching staff. But are there any other questions that you would like us to ask? Just so you know, we won’t ask questions about their personal and family lives at home. But any other question would be welcome, even something like “Is cake bread?”

Yes, I still remember that being a thing here.

So with that, it’s now your time to chime in. What questions would you like our team to ask tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!