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SB Nation Reacts: Fans nationwide believe Luka Doncic’s triple-double was more impressive than Donovan Mitchell’s 70-point night

They also believe that the Brooklyn Nets are serious title contenders now.

New York Knicks v Dallas Mavericks
Luka Doncic recently had a 60 point, 20 rebound, 10 assist game!
Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

This is the second part of SB Nation NBA Reacts survey results. Yesterday, I shared our Washington Wizards-specific results. We also had a national survey which was sent via email earlier this week. Click here to sign up!


SB Nation

On Dec. 27, Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic scored 60 points, 21 rebounds and dished 10 assists in a 126-121 overtime win over the New York Knicks. Doncic shot 68 percent from the field and looked like a man playing amongst toddlers! The Mavericks are 22-17, fourth in the Western Conference.

Then on Monday, Jan. 2, Cleveland Cavaliers guard scored 71 points in a 145-134 overtime win over the Chicago Bulls. He was close to getting a triple double himself, dishing 11 assists and grabbing 8 rebounds. The Cavs are 25-15, fourth in the Eastern Conference.

In our survey, 59 percent of respondents thought Doncic’s triple-double was more impressive. It’s really close for me. I’m just glad neither put these numbers on the Wizards.

Nearly two-thirds of national fans believe the Nets are contenders again

SB Nation

Earlier this season, fans were thinking that the Brooklyn Nets were headed toward a rebuild. They stumbled in the playoffs last season, Kyrie Irving continued to say crazy things and got suspended for it (as if his coronavirus vaccination status weren’t enough to turn NYC against him). And I think I saw some suggestions in the comments that the Wizards should some how get Kyrie in exchange for Bradley Beal, assuming he waives his no-trade clause.

I get that Beal’s contract sucks. But Kyrie on THIS TEAM? With our existing issues? Hell no!

Anyway, the Nets have won nine of their last ten games where they are now 26-13 in the standings. They are also just one game behind the Boston Celtics for first place in the Eastern Conference. I’d say that this team is definitely a contender for the championship this year. It’s a shame that former head coach Steve Nash wouldn’t be there to reap the rewards of it should the Nets make a very deep playoff run this spring.

I don’t get to control what the national survey says. But hopefully, they’ll ask the folks around the country what the Wizards should do. Pretty please?

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