Not Joking. DC wins it all with Plumlee

Plumlee and Bouknight for Barton, Carey and a 2nd round pick

Morris / Nunn / Goodwin

Beal / Wright

Kuzma / Kispert

KP / Deni

Plumlee / Gafford

DC gets credit where it is due. The players are starting to put effort into defense. Many seasons DC was a very weak built team physically. Most of the players were constantly injured. Instead of missing a few games DC players would miss weeks and months. Season after season DC would draft charmin soft players. Yes, ultimately injuries are the GM's fault. They could have brought in someone stronger.

Delon Wright is the catalyst who is a top 5 defender in the NBA. His steals and deflections are number 1 per minute. Goodwin was a good find who brings tough defense. Also as bad as Deni's offense has been his defense has been really good.

Enter big man Mason Plumblee. The last 10 games he is a top 10 center averaging 18 points, 11 rebounds, over 3 assists and a league leading 75% from the field and 73% FT.

Most importantly Plumlee brings grimey defense and rebounding along with better picking and passing then KP or Gafford. Also Charlotte has played 50 games and Plumlee has played all 50. He has missed 0 games this season.

Gaf and KP would get injured every game in the playoffs playing against Embiid and Bam. Also non centers get happy when they play against DC. They know there are no consequences when they step into the paint. Giannis, Tatum, Brown, Harden, KD, Mitchell and Butler need to know there is a center who could physically hurt them if they collide at the rim and not the other way around.

1st Jordan does this trade because he does not want to pay Bouknight next season.

2nd Jordan does this trade to get a 2nd round pick.

3rd Jordan does this trade to get a prospect back who is on a cheap contract next season in Vernon Carey.

I never propose a trade with Orlando, Miami, Atlanta or Charlotte, but Charlotte called DC last season for Harrell. Plumlee is better than Harrell so DC has to absorb Bouknight's contract to make Jordan do this deal. Jordan has so many bad contracts and he has to use Plumlee to get rid of one of them.

Mason Plumlee would be the best option who is attainable compared to Isaiah Stewart, Zach Collins or Bruno Fernando. DC must get physically stronger to compete in the playoffs and I am shocked myself that the winning piece of the puzzle is Plumlee.

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