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Poll Results: Wizards fans feel negative about the Rui Hachimura for Kendrick Nunn trade

Fans don’t feel good about it for a variety of reasons.

2020 NBA All-Star - Rising Stars Game Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier this week, I put out a poll, asking you about your reactions to the Washington Wizards’ trade with the Los Angeles Lakers that sent Rui Hachimura out west while the Wizards received Kendrick Nunn.

Now, let’s share the results, though they were public.

A total of 806 people responded to the poll which is very impressive. The results clearly show that fans feel negative about it with 65 percent giving the Wizards a D or F for the selection. F grades were the most common with 33 percent.

I personally gave the trade an F. This is because the Wizards didn’t have to make this move right now when other teams were also in the running. The trade deadline is not for nearly two weeks.

But maybe I’m too much of a negative Nancy. Here is another post by ts35 with a rationale for a “C” grade:

I gave it a C. I don’t think they’re going to miss Rui that much, I don’t think they were going to re-sign him after this season, and I don’t think they could have gotten much more in trade back. On the face of it, does it suck that after drafting him 9th four years ago that this is all they could get for him? 100%. But where he was drafted has nothing to do with his actual value now. Does a pick this year, a swap, and a pick six years from now feel that impressive? No. But those picks are more likely to be trade assets (or cash) than drafted players. And I think it’s better to get something for Rui than just letting him walk outright.

If you’re about to note that I didn’t factor Nunn into these calculations....exactly. At best, they’re taking a flier on him, but he’s most likely just salary filler in this deal. Maybe he plays some, maybe he doesn’t, but I don’t think he’s part of their plans beyond this season.

Have any rationale for your grade? Share it below!