Should the Wiz trade Gaff? If so, what could they get in return?

First off, no disrespect to Daniel Gafford, but do the Wiz have to trade him because of his contract?

If Ted and Tommy sign Kuz this off-season, and KP opts in for $36 million next year, then it will be difficult to keep Gafford and make the math work.

Salaries next year:

Beal - $47 million

KP - $36 mill

Kuz - $25-30 mill (closer to $30 mill if he keeps dropping 30 points every night)

Gafford - $12 million

Total salary for 4 players: $120-125 million

Salary Cap Next Year: $134 million

After factoring in recent rookie contracts and D. Wright’s and M. Morris’ contracts, the Wiz are capped out, with only exceptions to work with in free agency.

This means someone’s got to go if we intend to keep Beal, KP, and Kuz and stay under the luxury tax next year, so is right now the best time to move Gafford?

Teams in need of depth might see him as an appealing addition at the trade deadline, and be willing to take on his arguably bad contract (not terrible, just maybe not the bargain the Wiz had in mind).

I think the Wiz need to give serious considerations to moving Gafford now because he’s been playing fairly in the starting unit next to KP and could have some value in the trade market.

His value his hard to gauge because of his contract that jumps up by $10 million next year. However, I think the Wiz could get a lottery protected first round pick or first round pick a few years down the road. What do y’all think Gaff could fetch in the trade market at the deadline?

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