Is WAS purposefully building rosters that top out as a low playoff seed in the East at best?

Record 22-26

A member posted this statement which got me trying to step back and remove the emotions of the day to day journey of the seasons up and downs, along with if the Rui trade was the right move or a good value. They wrote.

"We are purposefully building rosters that top out as a low playoff seed in the East at best."

I get the frustration, but outcome doesn't mean intent or even a poor design. And it would matter how one defines low seed. Besides the issue of, if that is the best metric to choose. Some seasons are bumpy as a team is still developing who they are, moving pieces and injuries. Shit happens. All things can't be accounted for.

I would say playoff success is more important, which seeding can help because of home court advantage, but some team can overcome that some years.

WAS did make it to the 2nd round 3 of 4 years before Wall started missing a ton of games injured. And those rosters could have made it farther in the playoffs. They got close. Got real real close to getting past BOS that one year except for some horrible hero ball in the 4th quarter of game 7 by their best player and IT inspired. Wall hand fractured vs ATL one year. Buzzer beater PP 3 that went in but just a 1/2 sec late held them from another game 7.

It can take time changing from a Franchise PG driven designed team to one that isn't
Considering the team was built around Wall strengths and weakness for years, not being able to move him while he was eating up so much money injured, had them stuck. Thats why that kind of a design was bad in my view. Before EE, we hadn't seen them move the ball like that or win without Wall playing. It was PG ball in hand driven for year and year designed around Wall. Hell, even having Beal handle the ball more throw Wall off as he would stand around off ball and not screen or cut. Add to that, the coach being to stupid to insert Sato next to Beal to make the best of what was left once Wall was injured.

The Gil, CB, AJ, Haywood builds could have made more noise if not for running into CLE the first round so many times. And even with that being the case, they could have gotten past them if not for a rigged league looking to get LeBron into the playoffs deeper while he was young and still getting established. The stuff that went on in those series was an outrage. The LeTraveling. The suspension of D Song. The league need to get LeBron off the launching pad and they did what was needed to help.

But that team blow up over Gilbert's mind and his body.

Beal, Kuz, KP, Gaff
If they resign Kuz and KP, this is a better design because Beal and Kuz, and even KP to a degree, can generate shots on their own. And we are adding more defensive players. And we have more point players and they don't dominate the ball. We have an athletic big in Gaff. Its a better mix of talent. And younger. KP as a big who can hit a 3 as a S4/S5 fits better for the modern game. Beal as a 2/1. Kuz as a 3/4 and sometimes Point Player, who is also big. Kuz is the CB or PP player. Wright, Deni, Goodwin as perimeter defenders is an upgrade to older designed teams.

Its actually not a horrible design when compared to the Gil or Wall builds, if they can get KP and Kuz back. We are missing a girthy big center off the bench but they should be able to find that. So if they can resign KP and Kuz, that will establish a frame work they can fill in around that should be second round competitive with a chance to do more depending on how other pieces develop or get added. Once they get that base established, Beal, KP, Kuz should be able to attract a cheap vet or two to join them, like we got PP that year. And once they are stable winners, Ted will go back to tax if needed.

Moving the Wall contract
Its been a frustrating bumpy ride dumping that Wall contact. No different then it was dumping the Gil contract. It takes years flushing out a SM on an injured player and changing gears.

This was a development year, not a all in to win year
I always saw this year as another adjustment year, more then a go for it year. There was a lot to work out.

Wall was moved in 2020 for Westbrook. That was the first year they started building around Beal. They made the playoffs that year. Westbrook was stage one of moving Wall like we moved Gil for R Lewis who we turned into TA/Okafor. If Rus stayed, they would have done better last year.

Next Years Team
If they start next year with Beal, Kuz, KP, Gaf and with Wright, Deni and WUJ year 3, they should be able to hit the ground running with a style and rotations they know can work.

Morris, Corey, Goodwin, etc, they can work with or tweak but at least the core and coach will have experience together doing something they know can work.

To start this year, Beal was injured last year. KP and Beal hadn't even played together. It was Kuz's 2nd year here. There was a lot to get worked out this year to define what works and what they are about such as better defense, which I believe is a good part of why Rui was moved and why J Davis was drafted. At least that was the thinking. JD was a good perimeter defender. Like a Wright.

WAS is a better defensive team for sure. Way better then they were.

Heck, they are 5th in defensive eFG%
And they are 15th in offensive TS%

Not bad for a team playing for the first time together with Beal missing so many games and a 2nd year first time HC

How things looked as we got here

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