What Exactly, Is This Franchise's Plan?

To me, the Wizards are a case study in what happens when organizations don't have a clear vision. There's no organizational plan. What exactly is happening?

Is the goal to get everyone healthy and push for the play-in? If so, then what? Hope you catch the Celtics/Bucks slipping or injured and maybe win a first round series? That's the goal? Really?

To me, I see an organization with poor leadership and no clearly attainable objective. If the goal is avoiding the tank to keep playing customers in seats, well, they're bottom 5 in attendance and dead last in capacity utilized.

By all measures, this thing is a disaster. I see a franchise treading water that somehow thinks it can make it to a shore that's 5 miles away. As a fan of Wizards basketball, I have my own plan: to stop watching this team.

Someone at Monumental Sports needs to make some hard decisions now, and they need to execute on those plans immediately.

A fire sale on Kuz, KP and Barton needs to happen ASAP. Find a home for Beal, accept the sunk cost and don't take back any bad contracts in return. Waive Gibson and Gill so they can find spots on playoff teams. Call up some G-Leaguers and cycle through some 10 day contracts. Play everyone else you have left after that.

Fire Tommy immediately after the season and replace him with a seasoned executive with a real track record of draft success immediately so you're like floundering at draft time. Hire scouts who know what they're doing. Use the picks wisely, not on positions of need, but with best player available. Give Wes a chance with no expectations. Be honest with the fans about the pain that's coming.

Commit to the rebuild.

Otherwise, you're just running in place, and fans deserve better.

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