DC needs a center who weighs at least 250 pound Zach Collins

Rui & Kispert for Collins and Keita

Morris / Goodwin

Beal / Wright

Kuzma / Keita

KP / Deni

Collins / Gaf

DC needs a center who plays tough. DC needs a big who protects the paint with shoulders and elbows if need be. Zach sets good picks and is a really good passer. Zach does not care about being best friends with the team he is playing against. He has a good rebound per minute rate.

Zach is also an insurance policy if KP or Gaf get injured which is very possible. Also next season KP will be gone so DC needs more center besides Gafford.

The thing is there is a small chance Pop will do this trade. He probably will ask for more in return which I have no problem giving a little extra. Pop typically wants defensive players, but he might want to have Kispert on the cheap for another couple of seasons. Also maybe he thinks he can get the best out of Rui. Well that is some hopeful thinking.

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